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5919 cppBugNewFadeOut FadeIn not working2014-09-10 02:51all, android, ios, windows
5904 cppBugNewEvent subclasses being dispatched does not work with retain()/release() mechanism2014-09-17 10:52all
5899 cppBugNewCocos2d-x v2.2.5 CCMotionStreak cannot run Action of 'CCMoveBy'2014-09-04 07:33
5896 cppBugNewMouse cursor position on Windows platform2014-09-03 14:04windows
5887 cppBugNewThe lua bindings for addEventListener of UI will trigger memory leaksamuele3hu2014-09-01 15:20lua
5877 cppBugNewUnkown commands in renderQueuedabingnn2014-09-18 09:55all
5875 cppBugNewImages Getting Streched in the RenderTexture after repeated visits dabingnn2014-09-01 02:05ios
5854 cppFeatureNewshould the ActionManagerEx been singleton?2014-08-25 18:02
5853 cppBugNewvoid ActionManagerEx::initWithBinary only read first animation2014-08-25 17:55
5852 cppBugNewActionNode::initWithBinary have initialization sequence issue2014-08-25 17:49all
5839 cppBugNewwebsocket fails in cocos2d-x 3.0rc1 on Android when sending 5+ packets at once2014-08-21 11:18android
5837 cppBugNewUserDefault::getInstance()->isXMLFileExist() is invalid on the android devices.2014-08-21 04:06
5777 cppBugNewApplication::getCurrentLanguageCode always return empty string2014-07-31 07:18ios, mac
5772 cppBugNewaction within a sequence is never done2014-07-30 10:16
5753 cppBugNewTMX and FastTMX breakage2014-07-25 15:06
5752 cppBugNewRelativePath Android - back directory issue2014-07-25 11:42
5749 cppBugNewBug Report tolua_cocos2dx_GLProgram_setUniformLocationF322014-07-25 09:17
5748 cppBugNewCocos2d-x 3.2 : addChild after drawing ListView2014-07-25 08:37
5747 cppBugNewhow to report bug?2014-09-17 08:27
5746 cppBugNewIncorrect frame size from getFrameSize()2014-07-23 21:47
5745 cppBugNewCocos console are conflicting when using Cocos2d-x and Cocos2d-js at the same time.zhangbin2014-07-23 08:50
5739 cppBugNewLabelTTF's setFontFillColor doesn't work correctly on mac2014-07-22 04:06mac
5734 cppBugNewLabel:The letters sometimes slightly cut.WenHai2014-07-21 02:08
5727 cppBugNewIf UI animation of cocos studio is reproduced, it will certainly crash. 2014-07-16 06:20
5712 cppBugNewCocoStudio/reader/LabelReader V2.2.5 std::transform error2014-07-11 10:46all


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