cocos2d-2.0-rc0a-x-2.0 released

By zhangxm Posted 2012-05-31 03:53 Comments 20



Please use ndk-r7b or upper version to build android native codes.
Android supports opengl es2.0 since 2.2.

Primary features

  • use opengl es2.0
  • support CocosBuilder
  • integrate some extensions, such as CCControlExtension, CCNotification, CCListView
  • start javascript binding, you can refer “testjs” project
  • only suport iOS, Android and win32

New documents

Focus on gles2.0 branch

We move our focus onto gles2.0 branch.
As you see, this branch integrate some useful extensions, support CocosBuilder and so on.
And we will only add javascript binding in this branch.

So if you have some improvements, some bug fix to contribute, please commit your source code to gles2.0 branch. Thank you.


  • all platforms
    • Bug #1094: fix a bug that nothing will be shown when using CCParticleBatchNode
    • Bug #1115: fix a bug that CCFileUtils::fullPathFromRelativePath() with resolution parameter return error value with empty string
    • Bug #1137: fix a memory leak in CCLabelBMFont and sync the implementation of CCLabelBMFont to gles20 branch
    • Bug #1138: fix a memory leak in CCTextureCache::addPVRImage.
    • Bug #1155: revert CCDirector singleton to original implementation
    • Bug #1157: fix a bug that nothing is shown in TMX Orthogonal Test
    • Bug #1158: fix a bug in CCParticleSystemQuad
    • Bug #1159: update “CallFuncND + auto remove” test demo
    • Bug #1160: rename ‘CGFloat’ to ‘CCFloat’
    • Bug #1164: add the render mode which uses VBO without VAO in CCParticleSystemQuad
    • Bug #1165: merge pull request #842
    • Bug #1187: fix a bug that spanish(Buen día) cannot be shown completely in CCLabelBMFont unicode test
    • Bug #1189: CCLabelBMFont updateLabel() optimizations and fixes
    • Bug #1212: fix a bug that TMXBug787Test crash.
    • Bug #1217: fix a bug that EaseActions reverse broken
    • Bug #1232: fix a bug that CCLayerGradient::updateColor() assign wrong value to m_pSquareColors
    • Bug #1244: fix memory leak in CCParticleSystem::initWithDictionary()
    • Bug #1273: fix a bug that app will crash after clicking closed button in TextureCacheTest
    • Bug #1275: fix memory leaks in tests project
    • Bug #1277: implement CCToggleVisibility::copyWithZone()
    • Feature #1114: integrate CCControlExtension and implement corresponding tests
    • Feature #1180: synchronize CCConfiguration
    • Feature #1194: merge texturewatcher contributed by NetGragon
    • Feature #1205: add ccbreader and test case for CocosBuilder
    • Feature #1240: support TIFF format picture
    • Feature #1258: merge Rolando’s testjs into gles20 branch
    • Refactor #1156: synchronize CCDirector
    • Refactor #1166: improve CCString and CCArray, optimize CCDictionary
    • Refactor #1176: change linebreak symbol to UNIX format (‘’), replace ‘tab’ with four spaces
    • Refactor #1177: refactor platform
    • Refactor #1178: use macro NS_CC_BEGIN instead of “namespace cocos2d {”, NS_CC_END instead of “}”
    • Refactor #1188: refactor directory structure
    • Refactor #1191: update templates for all platforms
    • Refactor #1198: optimize CCTextureCache::removeUnusedTextures()
    • Refactor #1203: remove CCFileUtils::setResource(const char* pszZipFileName) and SimpleAudioEngine::setResource
    • Refactor #1204: refactor AppDelegate::initInstance()
    • Refactor #1206: remove some unused files, only supports iOS, win32 and android
    • Refactor #1211: translate Chinese comments to English for CCTextureWatcher and CCListView
    • Refactor #1246: fix CCDirector using CCLabelBMFont instead of CCLabelTTF
    • Refactor #1252: add CCEGLViewProtocol::getFrameSize() method for getting the real screen size of device
    • Refactor #1253: add static method “purgeConfiguration” for CCConfiguration to avoid memory leak
  • iOS
    • Bug #1109: add parentheses to remove Xcode warnings
    • Bug #1230: fix a bug that Calculation of string width may be wrong on iOS
    • Bug #1266: fix a bug that CCTextureCahce::addImageAsync() don’t work correctly on iOS
    • Feature #1095: IOS screen resolution support
  • android
    • Bug #1139: fix a bug that screen becomes black when backing from background
    • Bug #1140: fix a bug that ParticleTest crashed
    • Bug #1141: fix a bug that NodeTest crashed in StressTest1 and StressTest2
    • Bug #1142: fix a bug that TouchesTest crashed
    • Bug #1143: fix a bug that MenuTest crashed
    • Bug #1144: fix a bug that ParallaxTest crashed
    • Bug #1145: fix a bug that TileMap crashed
    • Bug #1146: fix a bug that IntervalTest crashed
    • Bug #1147: fix a bug that ChipmunkAccelTouchTest crashed
    • Bug #1148: fix a bug that LabelTest crashed
    • Bug #1149: fix a bug that SpriteTest crashed when go to second test case
    • Bug #1150: fix a bug that RenderTextureTest crashed at second test case
    • Bug #1151: fix a bug that Box2DTest crashed
    • Bug #1152: fix a bug that PerformanceTest crashed at 1, 2, 5 test cases
    • Bug #1185: fix a bug that when backing to foreground, will lost texture if it uses sprite batch node
    • Bug #1216: fix JNI memory leaks
    • Bug #1229: fix a bug that android port can not be compiled on ndk android-8 level
    • Bug #1236: fix a bug that JniHelper::jstring2string may crash when parameter is null
    • Bug #1237: fix a bug that line number message printed by CCAssert is wrong
    • Bug #1279: fix a bug that NodeNonOpaqueTest can’t be shown correctly
    • Feature #1247: add profiler support for android
    • Feature #1265: build dynamic library of spidermonkey for Android, and implement testjs for android
    • Refactor #1179: popup a message box when invoking CCAssert() on Android
    • Refactor #1201: simplify the usage of writing
  • windows
    • Bug #1215: fix a bug that Win32 retina cannot work
    • Bug #1251: add CocosBuilderTest to the test project for VS2008
    • Bug #1264: fix wrong string alignment when using utf-8 encoded text with CCLabelTTF
    • Bug #1268: fix a bug that Testjs will crash after clicking the close button on win32
    • Bug #1270: fix some warning on win32
    • Feature #1186: add console window for Win32 application, all debug message output to this console window
    • Feature #1263: build dynamic library of spidermonkey for win32, and add testjs project to solution
    • Refactor #1170: remove win32 template of wophone
  • lua
    • Refactor #1190: update lua binding to 2.0
    • Refactor #1220: using CCString::stringWithContentsOfFile to get string from lua script files


  • onerain88

    Thank you very much!

    2012-06-01 03:05
  • onerain88

    on Line 15 In tests/, “Box2dTest” should be “Box2DTest”!

    2012-06-01 03:34
  • zhangxm

    Thank you.

    2012-06-01 04:02
  • Skvaer

    Nice / Thanks!

    2012-06-01 11:47
  • xubing


    2012-06-01 14:22
  • xubing




    Description Resource Path Location Type
    The method afterTextChanged(Editable) of type TextInputWraper must override a superclass method /TestsDemo/src/org/cocos2dx/lib line 65 Java Problem
    The method beforeTextChanged(CharSequence, int, int, int) of type TextInputWraper must override a superclass method /TestsDemo/src/org/cocos2dx/lib line 87 Java Problem
    The method onAccuracyChanged(Sensor, int) of type Cocos2dxAccelerometer must override a superclass method /TestsDemo/src/org/cocos2dx/lib line 103 Java Problem
    The method onEditorAction(TextView, int, KeyEvent) of type TextInputWraper must override a superclass method /TestsDemo/src/org/cocos2dx/lib line 98 Java Problem

    2012-06-01 14:33
  • vegasFBI

    Is support for Marmalade and other targets coming? I can help out on the Marmalade side if needed.


    2012-06-02 01:24
  • orangenight

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    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:32\ntdll.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:32\kernel32.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:32\KernelBase.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“E:7\cocos2d-200\Debug.win32\libcocos2d.dll”,已加载符号。
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“E:7\cocos2d-200\Debug.win32\libEGL.dll”,未使用调试信息生成二进制文件。
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:32\user32.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:32\gdi32.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:32\lpk.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:32\usp10.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:32\msvcrt.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“E:7\cocos2d-200\Debug.win32\libGLESv2.dll”,未使用调试信息生成二进制文件。
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“E:7\cocos2d-200\Debug.win32\libxml2.dll”,未使用调试信息生成二进制文件。
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:32\wsock32.dll”
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    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:32\nsi.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“E:7\cocos2d-200\Debug.win32\iconv.dll”,未使用调试信息生成二进制文件。
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“E:7\cocos2d-200\Debug.win32\zlib1.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“E:7\cocos2d-200\Debug.win32\libtiff.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:86_microsoft.vc90.crt_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_9.0.30729.4974_none_50940634bcb759cb\msvcr90.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“E:7\cocos2d-200\Debug.win32\pthreadVCE2.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:32\advapi32.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:32\sechost.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:32\shell32.dll”
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    “tests.exe”: 已加载“E:7\cocos2d-200\Debug.win32\libCocosDenshion.dll”,已加载符号。
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:32\winmm.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“E:7\cocos2d-200\Debug.win32\libcurl.dll”,未使用调试信息生成二进制文件。
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:32\Wldap32.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:32\imm32.dll”
    “tests.exe”: 已加载“C:32\msctf.dll”
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    tests.exe 中的 0x76f9224d 处最可能的异常: 0xC0000005: 写入位置 0x00000014 时发生访问冲突

    就一直卡在这里,一直重复报错 “tests.exe 中的 0x76f9224d 处最可能的异常: 0xC0000005: 写入位置 0x00000014 时发生访问冲突”

    2012-06-08 05:21

    我也是在xp系统下,使用vs2008,然后遇到了跟Orange Night一样的问题。

    2012-06-12 12:42
  • Baldur

    Very nice, but what does this mean for the old cocos 1.x branch?
    Will there still be updates/bugfixes for it, or do we need to upgrade to the new branch?

    How difficult would a upgrade be, aside from porting OpenGL code to GLES2?

    2012-06-12 21:31
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