cocos2d-0.99.5-x-0.8.3 released!

By Posted 2011-05-12 09:34



  • all platforms
    • Feature #317 wrap input box for game dev, CCTextFieldTTF. (Highlight!)
    • Feature #455 implement CCUserDefault for data persistence (Highlight!)
    • Feature #456 integrate libcurl for network access (Highlight!)
    • Feature #468 implement CCProfiler & CCProfilingTimer
    • Feature #450 can set default pixel format other than RGBA888
    • Feature #449 Remove the sources for mac platform. We plan to focus on mobile platforms & reduce the complexity
    • Refactor #451 Remove the event dispatcher and refactor CCLayer & CCMenu & CCParticleSystemPoint.
    • Refactor #452 Refactor CCDirector CCGrid CCNode, reduce the complexity
    • Refactor #472 Refactor duplicated modules under cocos2dx/platform, reduce the complexity
    • Bug #341 CCTMXFiledMap crashed when a child is not the obj of CCTMXLayer
    • Bug #371 A layer can’t registered as a StandardTouchDelegate when touch event is handling
    • Bug #428 Function addChild low efficiency
    • Bug #448 CCCallFuncO crashes
    • Bug #467 CCLayer:m_eTouchDelegateType = ccTouchDeletateAllBit all the time
    • Bug #471 invoke CCFileUtils::setResourcePath may cause loading texture for ParticleSystem failed
    • Bug #484 CCTextureAtlas::initWithTexture() may cause memory leak
    • Bug #486 transition test FlipX, FlipY, FlipAngular, ZoomFlipXxx flickers on ios simulator & device
  • ios
    • Bug #447 really exit application when “x” button is clicked
    • Bug #460 cocos2dx + box2d template cannot find libxml2.dylib
  • android
    • Feature #393 use full version of libxml2, with xmlXPath.. serial methods
    • Feature #477 Set compilation default ndk version to r5
    • Bug #374 replace the method for EGL rendering context lost
    • Bug #453 Android Cocosdenshion can’t replace background music
    • Bug #462 no applicationDidEnterBackground / applicationWillEnterBackground on Android
    • Bug #470 use GAME_ROOT or other words instead of HELLOWORLD_ROOT in anroid new projects
    • Bug #475 CCImage::initWithString return true even if the bitmap hasn’t been initialized
  • win32
    • Feature #454 Modify the including path of Box2D genereated by win32 template
    • Bug #459 the project create by template for vs use the RuntimeLibrary MTd, different with other project
  • wophone
    • Feature #482 Modify the resource data path for the new WoPhone SDK
    • Feature #487 Implement the function CCFiltUtils::getWriteablePath() on wophone
    • Refactor #466 Refactor CCFileUtils for the new packing approach on wophone
    • Bug #481 After power down & up, backlight will turn off automaticlly if there’s no operation
    • Bug #485 reduce the CPU occupation, modify the approach of FPS control on wophone
  • airplay
    • Feature #480 add template for airplay

CCTextFieldTTF video show

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