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4861 cppFeatureNewUI system support focusowen2014-04-16 03:46all
4860 cppBugNewAdd a widget to display web contentWenHai2014-04-16 03:36android, ios
4859 cppFeatureNewAdd a widget to play videoWenHai2014-04-16 03:35android, ios
4858 cppFeatureNewAdd GUI for cocos2d-console commandszhangbin2014-04-16 03:34all
4857 jsBugNewCheck whether cc._setup have been called and prevent double invocationpandamicro2014-04-16 02:25
4856 jsRefactorNewRefactor CCTMXLayer's API with pos parameter to support both pos and x, y parameters2014-04-16 01:43
4855 cocos2d-xFeatureNewAllow cocos2d-x window to reuse a hwnd [IMPORTANT]2014-04-15 14:26
4854 cppBugNewMouse button defines in CCEventMouse.h2014-04-15 18:14all
4853 jsBugNewfix bug cc.winSize incorrect when using setDesignResolutionSize2014-04-15 10:15
4852 jsBugNewAdd allLayers function in TMXTiledMap in JSB2014-04-15 09:09
4851 cppFeatureNew2.2.0下使用propertiesForGID获取数据时返回为nil2014-04-15 08:18ios
4850 cppBugNewDisplay image incorrectly.2014-04-15 06:21all
4848 cppRefactorNewImprovement for auto culling2014-04-15 02:56all
4847 cppRefactorNewIt is not friendly to input an ANT_ROOT path on mac when running setup.pyzhangbin2014-04-15 02:44
4846 cppBugNewCurrent console can't support multi version of engine or using CPP and JS at the same timezhangbin2014-04-15 08:49
4845 cocos2d-xBugNewBinary file error for libBox2D.lib2014-04-14 10:20
4844 studioFeatureNewSupport import from Particle Editornumbfish2014-04-14 10:08
4843 studioFeatureNewUpgrade cocos2d-x to 3.0numbfish2014-04-14 10:08
4842 studioFeatureNewAssetView right click menu display out of positionnumbfish2014-04-14 10:07
4841 studioFeatureNewright click in preview open external editornumbfish2014-04-14 10:06
4840 studioFeatureNewright click asset view open external editornumbfish2014-04-14 10:05
4839 studioFeatureNewClick Preview show the whole imagenumbfish2014-04-14 10:05
4838 studioFeatureNewMove preview window to asset viewnumbfish2014-04-14 10:03
4837 studioFeatureNewWhen drag& drop to asset view, it will be created as a child node of the current assetsnumbfish2014-04-14 10:03
4836 studioFeatureResolvedMake VisualObjects the wrapper layer of the engineguojianqiang2014-04-15 06:51


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