GAF Animation Player



Generic Animation Format enables creating complex animations in Flash CS and converting them into an open format ready for use in Cocos2d-x.


Generic Animation Format: animate in Flash CS, one-click convert and play in Cocos2d-x

GAF stands for Generic Animation Format. GAF is designed to store Flash animations in an open cross platform format and it is ready for use with Cocos2d-x. As well as many other frameworks.

Technical details
This is what GAF is all about. Simple and very powerful.

The GAF Converter is a fully featured set of tools supporting the conversion of 99% of what you create in Flash CS:

Main features
1. Support for nesting without any limitations
2. Shape tweens conversion
3. Animated masks support
4. Blur and Glow filters supported

Outstanding features
1. All visually identical symbols inside the swf are changed into a single sprite.
2. Symbols forming a static object are joined into one single static sprite.
3. When forming texture atlas scales of symbols are taken into account. Spites saved are never larger than needed for the playback. Texture atlas is highly optimized.
4. Animations can be saved into a bundle. Texture atlas will be shared between animations saving a lot of disk space.
5. HD version of texture atlas is automatically created.

1. Main animation timeline length should be the same as the desired animation playback length in frames.
2. Animation always has to finite. In case of using code to control animations playback make sure it does not run endlessly.
3. The converter does not support animation inside mask symbol, however mask itself can be animated in any way.

The main concept of the GAF Converter is to enable artists and animators to use Flash CS, the most popular animation development environment, for creating complex animations and have little to no friction using them with game dev frameworks and Cocos2d-x in particular. GAF feels like a breakthrough solution and we hope you will enjoy it. Everyone is welcome to get started right away with


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