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Child Safety Learn Good & Bad Touch With Body Part


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In this era, all parent has to Learn their kids about good touches and bad touches. So Tablab recently developed latest educational Learning game for Children to learn about this child safety good and bad touch points. In the first Level, kids will have awareness about various body parts of human perfect. In the next Level, they will learn it properly about which Kind of parts of the human body are private and never touch anyone private parts in this child safety good & bad touch. After we deign that, Children will understand the difference between safe touches and unsafe touches. In the next scene of child safe and unsafe touch, kids will get the ideas about safety circle and who is included in that by playing this educational Learning exciting game. we have include all the example of situation in a easy way to kids will understand perfectly And at the end, kids will learn about How React and following steps should be taken if the unsafe touch occurs.


- Learn all the Kids safe and unsafe touches
- Learn the body parts names of human
- Understand and awareness about about safe circle
- Flawless child safety good and bad touch game kids to educate yourself
- good graphic design
- Learn How to React and following steps should be taken if you feel bad and unsafe

Hope you enjoyed playing our makeover games and if you want more features for this game please leave a comment.

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