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Color Tap - Brain Training - Memory


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Color Tap challenges your memory - training brain game.
Color Tap is puzzle game to training your brain, its play mode is simple but very interesting.
You will be experienced bright color explosion in variety its aspects. You just need memorize all color explosions occurred and tap color with right positions.
Color Tap is very helpful game for your children. Not only practice your memory’s children but also it is very enjoyable. Color Tap is exciting by simply design style with levels from easy to difficult which entirely different with change color game versions.
Distinctive feature of Color Tap compare with present game versions:
+ Very simple and not complicated to play game but levels are difficult.
+ Level’s game is arranged suitably position which help you have interesting experiences.
+ Suitable with children to practice their memory
+ Data Capability game is very small.
Let’s play color tap to determine your memory.
We appreciate you playing us game and your offer advises about Tap color.
If you have any questions, you can comment below, we will answer as soon as possible.
Happy playing Color Tap and get high scores. Please don’t forget sharing this game to your friend on social networking as FacebookFix title game
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