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Simon Says - Fun Color Game

efaresefares / ET Bros

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Simon Says is a fun and simple memory game. This is the simplest version of the Simon Says/Copycat game. Watch the colours light up and repeat the sequence. The more you get right the more colours will light up and the sequence will get longer each round. Be careful, one wrong tap and it's game over.

Test your memory and boost your brain power with this great game from your childhood favourites.
This great retro game can be enjoyed by all ages.

How to Play:
1. Click Play!
2. Watch a random colour light up.
3. Tap that colour.
4. Watch same colour light up plus another random one.
5. Tap the same colour pattern in the same order.
6. Repeat and see how far you get.

The best version of Simon Says.
Test your memory in this classic copycat game.Improved overall look and feel of the game.

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