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Bomber vs Zombies

quybkaquybka / .Q

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BOOM ! Do you still remember this classic sound in the legendary Bomberman game?

Bomber vs Zombies is a remake of the legendary Bomberman game with a charismatic gameplay, beautiful graphics, live sound... that will immerse you in the game to relax.

You need to quickly control the hero to complete the level by putting bombs to kill monsters on the screen, find the key to complete the level.
Monsters with clever AI will not make you complete easily, but with the help of items hidden behind bricks, you will be stronger, faster and can not be defeated.

Control : 2 options
- Use joystick.
- Use swipe gesture.

Items : bonus bomb, bonus fire, bonus speed, bonus life, ghost, detonator, freeze, lightning, shield…

Monsters : skull, bat, zombie green, zombie violet, zombie blue with special ability…

Let’s download now and try to complete all levels of game !

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