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Lost Levels


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One day, in the 80s (and early 90s), all that mattered in games was the fun factor and the gameplay.
No one asked about the story of the characters, their favourite colour, their hobbies, what kind of food does they like to eat, etc.
While we believed we were giving headbutt on bricks, we actually punching them.
Travel back in time in this adventure and rediscover all that has been lost in our childhood!
You are the Player One!
Find out what was in left of the world 1-1!
Where we were going in the doors and pipes that did not give to get in!
And how heroes found their journey to become icons of various generations.
Discover the Lost Levels!

Everything you expect from a game of 80s and 90s:
* No tutorials;
* English errors;
* Buttons B and A (in this order because you remember NES control right?)
* Gold coins are floating almost everywhere you can look (But please buy something in App Purchases. I need your money! But it's for a good cause: my survival.)

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