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Hexa Drop


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Hexa Drop

'Hexa Drop' is the best puzzle arcade game to enjoy short breaks.
It is a 3 matching puzzle game that anyone can easily do.

How to play
Columns consisting of three hexa are dropped.
Touch the screen to move the falling pole to the desired position.
To change the hexa order of columns, touch the screen and drag up or down.
You can also change the order by touching the Change order button at the bottom of the screen.
Touch the "drop" button at the bottom of the screen to drop the current column to the floor where the hexa is gathered.
If 3 or more hexa are on the same line (3 matching puzzle rule)
If you match three times at a time, the excess hexa will receive additional points.
The hexa that remains on the missing hexa moves to the bottom empty space.
If the hexa moved to the empty space becomes 3 matching, it receives 'combo' score.

Compete with your friends to score the best.

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