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Business Inc.

akotkowskiakotkowski / Game Pistols

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Business Inc. is a Winner of the 2016 PMI Continuing Professional Education Product of the Year Award!!!

Imagine that you lead startup from the seed funding to multi million enterprise.

What our players say:
"You almost don't realize you're learning I recommend this game to the business-savvy & biz-curious. It's certainly a challenge (depending on the level game play you select), entertaining, informative & my fave: realistic. I rate 5 stars for the developers not taking it easy on you slackers."

"Great sim Love the way the game plays and keeps an element of challenge while keeping ease of use"

"Business inc Its really well thought out"

"Challenging This game definitely is challenging. But I think it's a good guage of what happens when one tries to start a business after being fired from one's job. I think it's a fun and fairly realistic."

"Awesome Great experience and is very fun to play"

"Good Pretty fun but stressful but I like it"

"Very fun to waste time I have been playing this for a while now and I can't get off it is really fun"

"This is a fantastic game for the intelligent minds. If you can earn money this is a game for you"

"In love with this game, officially addicted to it"

"Good strategy game to train strategic business mindset"

"Very indepth This game has a ton of little intricacies that make it very satisfying and fulfilling."

Business Inc is a business strategy game in which you run a company developing mobile games. Your goal is to expand your business and become a leader on the market of mobile entertainment.

3 difficulty levels of game play, over 15 employees, and endless number of projects to be run.

Additionally the game offer predefined Startup scenario with more than 100 projects, more than a dozen people, 11 difficulty levels, hundreds of events and news from the world of project management will provide entertainment but also a bit of learning for a few hours of play. The game introduces some basic terms of project management, and PMBOK Guide, and Scrum.

Prove yourself as a project manager, use your resources as best as you can and earn a fortune. You can train people and influence their motivation to increase efficiency and reduce risk. Each project has established budget, revenue, risk and deadline. Select profitable projects and optimally allocate people at them to earn as much as possible.

Topics: project management, business game, strategic game, strategy, educational game, PMP, PMI, scrum.

Opis po polsku:
Business Inc to gra strategiczna, w której poprowadzisz firmę produkującą gry mobilne.

Twoim celem jest rozwinąć swoje przedsiębiorstwo i stać się potentatem na rynku mobilnej rozrywki.

Ponad 100 projektów, kilkunastu ludzi, 11 poziomów trudności, kilkaset zdarzeń i wiadomości ze świata zarządzania projektami zapewni rozrywkę ale i naukę na kilka godzin gry.

Sprawdź się, jako menadżer projektów, wykorzystaj swoje zasoby najlepiej, jak potrafisz i zarób fortunę.

Możesz szkolić ludzi, wpływać na ich motywację, aby zwiększyć efektywność oraz zredukować ryzyko. Każdy projekt ma założony budżet, przychód, ryzyko i termin końca. Wybieraj tylko rentowne projekty i optymalnie alokuj w nich ludzi, aby zarobić, jak najwięcej.New features:
- German, Russian, and Ukrainian languages
- Notifications switch off
- Update of game scenario

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