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Learn and Play Korean with Elephant

pineocpineoc / moon1000company

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# Learn Reading and Writing Korean ABC during play with colorful elephants!

# Learn and Play List
- Read Consonant (ㄱ~ㅎ) + Vowel (ㅏ~ㅣ)
- Trace & Write Consonant (ㄱ~ㅎ)
- Trace & Write Consonant + Vowel
- Balloon Game with Korean

A fun and informative app to recommend to the people who is learning Korean.
This app is a new and fun app designed with the picture book for children 'Beautiful Korean Embroidered by Elephants'.

It is a useful edutainment app that contains the sound of Korean Hangul consonants from ㄱ to ㅎ.
and also along the steps of the elephant, users can write and play and learn Korean Hangul.

# Speaking and Writing, Fun and Informative Language Play
It shows the system of scientific Hangul in an easy-to-understand format. Listening the singing like pronunciation of a cute little girl, you will be able to read Korean.
And you can learn how to write Korean Hangul in a natural way while writing beautiful Korean Character along a colorful elephants.

# Form and Color, The Picture play that stimulating Emotion.
The recently published picture book 'Beautiful Hangul Embroidered by Elephants' has become a hot topic with the image of Hangul consonants created by elephants with beautiful colors and patterns and beautiful lyrics.
The images of Hangul consonants, which were created by cute elephants squatting and bending, were also used in this app.
Fresh ideas and beautiful colors that inspire admiration stimulate the sensibility of the viewer to the point of being happy just by looking.

Please enjoy and learn Hangul with easy and fun while playing with elephants.

- This app is all Free.
- The content will continue to be added.
- Enjoy Korean Hangul!
Made by moon1000company, Yusof Gajah- Some UI image Changed
- Small Bug fixed

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