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Crisis Of Roo

yonggeonyonggeon / Yarn Studio

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* Roo is in a crisis now.

Anyone who can not play the game can easily play!
This is Simple, addictive game!
Meet cute characters Roo and Roo’s charming friends!


◎ Avoid alien bombs!

We have to avoid falling alien bombs.
Increase your score every time you avoid!

◎ Eat Energy Stones!

Energy gauge is full, the bullet will be fired.
Bullets and shields to attack the boss shows up to defend me.
Attack the boss and get stressed out!
Go up to the sky and eat the items!

◎ Use coins and items!

Eat items that help defend and attack, and enjoy longer!


If you become acquainted with Roo, it is recommended that you meet May, which is a special attack, and Yarn, which has a magnet.

Now, let's go to see cute Roo!


Contact :
Yarn Studio

+82 10-6591-2052Bug fixed
UI updated

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