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Bolt : The Rising

zanzmera_laluzanzmera_lalu / Apptopper

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Hi, Bolt is speaking...

Role playing action based game for Android & iOS devices.

Highly optimized neon color theme action game for all device size. I am sure that you guys will love game and its shining graphics.

Let me give overview of my realm. There are plenty of enemies who want to kill me. Some enemies can fire different types of bullets ( Although I can fire too !) Just save me from them !! You can kill the enemies or you can kill their origin points. We call it spawns.

Some of the mind blowing facts in my realm :
- Bubbles : Just fire some bullets to go through.
- Shining walls : These walls are just an illusion.
- Warm holes : Use it to enter into the another area of level.
- Electrons : Get as much you can to upgrade me. (Hint : hit the shining pots !)

There are 50 levels in my realm. Play as the bolt and save me. Use my special powers :

- Laser : Kill enemies in particular radius
- Shield : Nobody can touch me.

Improve my all powers to get highly benefits of them. You can upgrade the powers by electrons. Watch some free videos to get free electrons.

I want to inform you that I can fire 4 types of bullets with special effects: speed, power, duration and bouncing effect. I want you to use all of them to save me from enemies.

Let's just keep it simple. You play as a Bolt. I want you to save me from enemies. Kill all the enemies. Get the key and hit the exit.

And hey one more thing, leave me a comment or rate me so Apptopper can entertain you with more games.

Check youtube :

Thank you for listening me. Have fun ahead. HELP ME RISE !!!

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