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Fatman in Space


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***Fatman in Space Challenge***
**Win money for getting far in the game. For more details, visit and click CHALLENGE.**

This is a challenging game that is not for everyone. It uses a unique way of control that takes some getting used to. My hope however, is that the game is also very rewarding. Some of the best parts of the game cannot be unlocked without significant effort.

I worked on Fatman's zany adventure for over four years before it was ready to be shared with the world. I love the game, and I hope you do too.


Guide Fatman through various intergalactic obstacles in order to save the universe from the evil clutches of Moldy Marvin, who spoils everything he touches.

All of the phenomenal music is done by Jon Evans.

Thank you for checking out Fatman in Space. Share your thoughts or express your frustrations to bug where iOS 7 would crash upon opening
-prompt before restarting level/level select if checkpoint reached
-add an easier but slower route at end of Laser Temple
-fix a couple other minor bugs

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