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MCAT Review: Biology, Psychology, & Physical Sciences

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MCAT 2016 Review is the first ever MCAT video game! Conquer your pre-med exams by playing an action-packed ninja themed video game designed to make learning fun. Our content is tailor-made for the Medical College Admissions Test based on the content guidelines from the AAMC. Arm yourself with epic surgical infused ninja weapons and traditional Japanese masks. Created for the visual learner, Scrub Ninjas® video game app was designed to improve a student’s ability to improve retention rates with repetition as a complimentary study companion.

A database of 3,800 high-yield MCAT review multiple choice test questions (MCQs). A question bank developed as a study companion for all of you pre-meds on the go! Test your knowledge now, future doctors of America. We want you to succeed, and master the MCAT. The top medical schools are waiting for you, so game on ninjas, game on!

•Incredibly popular exhibit among premedical students at the 2014 UC Davis Prehealth Conference, 2014 American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) Annual Meeting and the 2015 American Medical Student Association (AMSA) annual meeting.
•Yes, this is an actual video game. This app is a review of your biology, general chemistry, o-chem, and physics to help you maximize retention for what you have already studied. It’s a compliment to your MCAT study guides, classes, and textbooks.
•Questions created from the AAMC MCAT content guidelines.

3,800 MCAT Review Questions (Behavioral Sciences/Biological Sciences/Physical Sciences)

1. Biology Mixed Review 1
2. Molecular Biology
3. Cell Structures
4. Biochemistry (metabolism)
5. Biochemistry (organic)
6. Biochemistry (enzymes)
7. Biochemistry (lab, population genetics)
8. Microbiology, Immunology
9. Endocrine
10. Neurobiology
11. Circulatory system
12. GI system
13. Musculoskeletal system
14. Respiratory, renal
15. Reproductive system, Embryology
16. Biochemistry mixed review 1
17. Biochemistry mixed review 2
18. Physiology mixed review 1
19. Physiology mixed review 2
20. Biology mixed review 2

1. Sensation & Perception
2. Attention & Cognition
3. Consciousness
4. Memory
5. Language
6. Emotion & Stress
7. Psychological Basis of Behavior
8. Society
9. Behavioral Learning
10. Behavior Theories
11. Self-identity
12. Social Thinking
13. Prejudice, Bias, Stereotypes, Discrimination
14. Social Interactions
15. Human Development
16. Social Structure
17. Social Inequality
18. Research Design
19. Psychology Review
20. Sociology Review

1. Physics Mixed Review 1
2. Motion and Forces
3. Fluids and Solids
4. Electrostatic and Currents
5. Waves, Oscillations, and Sound
6. Magnetism, Light, and Optics
7. Momentum & Nuclear Physics
8. Atomic Structure
9. Intermolecular Forces and Bonding
10. Compound Reactions and Stoichiometry
11. Solutions and Phase Change
12. Equilibrium and Gases
13. Thermodynamics and Kinetics
14. Acids and Bases
15. Redox
16. Chemistry mixed review

•Game involves customizable ninjas (masks, surgical weapons & arenas) to help you study high-yield content through gamification (promote learning by playing fun games) Spectacular graphics developed by game designer and anime artist T. Raven Meyers.
•MCAT 2016 questions written/tested by premed undergraduate students, medical students, residents, and graduate students. Edited by a double-board certified physician.
•To increase retention rate and consolidate content, test questions are strategically placed throughout the app (spaced learning).
•After the successful completion of each level (need 70% to pass), the high yield facts tested are summarized in a few short sentences.
•Email the creators directly from the app about any comments, suggestions, or problems.

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