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Explore the world of bzz. You are a small bee. Your name is Bzz and you need to collect flowers in a dangerous place full of angry monster insects. Collect flowers, stars and lives, avoid angry monster bugs and get as much points as possible in this fast endless arcade.

This is a fast accelerometer control game only thing you need is tilt your device and bee will fly for you avoiding monster bugs and collecting flowers and bonuses.

- Very addictive endless arcade game!
- Fast fly. Try to survive in a swarm of angry monster bugs!
- Smooth control! You control the bee using accelerometer so you just need to tilt your device to move the bee! Fast reaction will help to have much fun and really enjoy playing the game.
- Cute main hero he is the bee and his name is Bzz!
- 8 Different kinds of angry monster insects!
- 6 Kinds of flower items! And 2 kinds of bonuses which increase your points from collecting flowers!

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