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A text based interactive game for all the mystery fans

- Simple UI design with 2 different themes (day/night) at your choice

- Convenient one handed game design, read the mystery at any time

- Classic text based game with new elements to make the play more challenging

- All kinds of short yet attractive mysteries in one app

- Tons of achievement and gifts to be unlocked with your ability

- Contribute your own mystery and show it to the world fans

- Realtime leaderboards try to be the top detective of the world

- More mysteries and more different plays keep coming

About the game:
- Read mystery
- Check keywords in the mystery and gain clues
- Deduce by composing hints and more gain clues
- Answer questions based on your understanding of the mystery
- Clear all questions to reveal the truth of the mystery

Game home page:

What’s new in this v2.0:

Bug Fixed
. World ranking accuracy decimal digits error
. Game crash (small probability) after login
. Medal count gained after clearing a mystery (small probability) error

. iPhone 6/6 plus UI optimized
. Update game engine (cocos2d-x v2.2 to cocos2d-x v3.5), performance improved
. Art quality improved
. Redesigned some of the game UIs (according to user feedback)
. Game font adjusted - now use [AmericanTypewriter]
. Game font size adjusted
. Game theme color combination improved
. Game tutorial improved
. Game network stability improved
. Mystery translation accuracy improved
. Game resource size optimized

New Features
. Added a new theme [Sky]
. Added a quick access to game tutorial while reading mystery
. Added a new BGM
. Added a new bookshelf with 4 new mysteries
. Added 4 new online mysteries
. Added a new module [Game Announcement], you can check game news here
. Added a new module [Campaign], you can win gift by joining different campaigns
. Added a new module [Gift Center], you will receive all the gifts you win here
. Added a new module [Book Store], you can buy new mysteries using the [pipes] you own
. Added a new module [My Bookshelf], you can read all the mysteries you buy here

. Added game data upload/restore feature, you can upload your data from one of your device and restore it to another device

. Added new font effect, now you can switch between [Flat/3D] effect

. Added 4 new achievement, you can earn lots of [pipes] by finishing them

. Added a [QuickFix] feature, you can activate this feature (contact to the Official first) once the App acts abnormal and your App will be fixed in a secondBug Fixed
. Online book store mystery download count displays “Nan” in certain situation

. Data Management UI layout issue on iPad 4

. My Bookself UI layout issue on iPad 4

. Image assert quality
. Memory usage

New Features
. Added game new comer guide

. A brand new [Detective Cheatsheet] to help you learn how to be a real detective.
Download here:

A trial version is released you can try it out here (html5, win32, win64, Mac OS version):

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