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Critter Crush

RogueProgrammerRogueProgrammer / Prestige Gaming

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Tiny critters from the planet Neptune have created a worm hole from their planet to Earth. As luck would have it, the end of their space tunnel just happens to be in your refrigerator! Now these little Neplings are loose in your home. They are clever and hungry and they are on a mission to eat you! The only way to stop them is to crush them by any means necessary.

The Neplings carry precious coins and crystals from their home planet Neptune. This wealth can be collected by crushing the critters. Coins and crystals can then be used to purchase tools that will help you exterminate these critters from your home. With so many tools at your disposal, there are many creative methods to crush the invaders.

Critter Crush offers several different game modes suitable for all ages, beautiful 3D rendered graphics, and fun and addictive gameplay.


• 50 levels of gameplay that increase in difficulty
• 13 different types of Critters that attack in different ways
• 11 different tools can be purchased for creative critter crushing
• Play "Survival Mode" to see how long you can last without a break
• Children can play the easy to learn "Little Ones Mode" designed for kids of all ages
• 3D rendered animations and environments with fun and immersive sound effects

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