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A Game of Threes

tomjodhtomjodh / Bakhuis Games

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In 60 exciting seconds you have to find challenging combinations of three cards. Create a series of cards fast enough to be rewarded a higher score and other extras. Use the cards with diamonds to multiply your score or earn a Joker power-up, which will find you an instant set. But watch out for the bombs before they wreck your game board!

The matches in this game do not have to be exact. Shapes match if their color, number, pattern or figure are either the same or all different.

The game has two game modes, one with fixed cards and one with scrolling cards. You have to complete both to finish the level. In each mode you can earn 3 stars at max; 4 stars are required to progress to the the level. This version has 75 different levels with changing deck cards and win-conditions. Game of Threes grants you hours of challenging playtime.

Not familiar with the Game of Threes gameplay? No problem!
Tips and hints are provided along the way. There is also a step-by-step tutorial that explains all the basics. You can start with all the set-making action in no time!

Enjoy the dazzling high definition sounds and graphics. See cards explode and diamonds sparkle.

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