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Robo Smasher

bilalahmed_csbilalahmed_cs / Red Gravity

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Enemy is at the gates; all the city defenses have fallen and are left with a single commander of its local militia. Take control of the defense of the city and save it from these giant monstrous robots. Stop them before they reach the walls. You are the last hope, prove yourself a real hero.

The game is in “smash-em up” arcade style. All you have to do is to tap on these invaders, kill the enemy robots and use combos to use your super powers! Friendly fire will not be tolerated so watch over the reinforcements coming down the same road.

Whether you are on a subway, or on the run, this is the best time killer for you and you will always have time for a level. Show off your achieved score to your friends and challenge them to beat you in the battlefield. It is simple, addictive and challenging at the same time. It’s super fun for children and adults at the same time.

• Battle story prevailing 50+ levels across 6 chapters
• Realtime destruction animations
• Numerous enemy robots, each with its own unique power
• Combo system and power ups
• Amazing visuals with quality audio & sound effects.
• Gradually challenging level design
• Simple gameplay, easy to play but hard to master

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