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Dirt Race Fury Desert

Laxity_MediaLaxity_Media / Laxity Media

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Dirt Race - Fury Desert!

Be prepared for the hardest racing game ever!
Get away wimps!
This is not for kids, just for cracks!

Dirt, Oil, Adrenalin!

Only few people ever survived the Fury Desert challenge.
The desert will never forgive any mistakes.
So remember, don't drive angry ...

Compete against your friends in the hardest racing game of all times.
Avoid the other racers, keep in track, take the hard bends on the fly and reach a new highscore.
Share your best score at Twitter.
No need to accelerate or break, just turn left or right to make your way through the desert.

Be faster than your opponents, be better than your opponents.
Become the hero of the game!
Good Luck my friend!- Added more Musictracks
- Fixed Twitter bug
- Fixed Phantomracer bug

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