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Amarant Book


Original_amarantbook Original_amarantbook Original_amarantbook Original_amarantbook



The Hero is a book-collector. He has inherited this habit from his father who died when the Hero was 10 years old. In fact, he inherited a big library from his father which was a house to many rare books and manuscripts. Once he was going through the manuscripts and he found notes from his father’s friend who was a professor of linguistics and an expert in cryptography. The notes refer to the “Book of Amaranth” that represents the original Voynich manuscript. The original indeed! The Hero is well aware of the Voynich manuscript. The ancient manuscript written in an unknown language guards the secret of creation that has not been resolved to date.
The professor believes that the Voynich manuscript is a bad-quality copy made by a careless student from the original. He had only a few pages from a different copy that was of a better quality. He has de-coded and translated these pages. The translation, among other things, suggests the actual location of the original Book of Amaranth. It argues that there is a portal that opens in several places of our world every year. Judging by professor’s commentary, however, he did not seem to believe in this story. He suggested that the translation was a difficult task and that it was likely that the translated text was erroneous. He concluded that the translated book was a fiction along the lines of folklore stories.
However, along with professor’s notes the Hero finds professor’s letter to his father. The letter is dated just before his father’s death. In this letter the professor suggests that he has found one of the places described in the notes as the portal to the depository of the Book of Amaranth. The Hero finds the entrance to the portal…

The buffer zone where the Hero finds himself leads to a “crossroad” that interlinks universes. According to the translation, the owners of the Book of Amaranth came to our world via this crossroad. However, not every person can cross this point…

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