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Ride your bicycle through the terrains of a grassy hill with some rocks in this 2D physics bicycle side scrolling game.

Fingermail has controls that let you feel like you are actually riding a bicycle... if riding a bicycle was an app. The layout of and style of the controls bring an all new way to play a bicycle game, only possible due to touch screens. The in-game controls require and allow you to pedal for speed, lean for balance, and brake both front and rear wheels.

Steady driving and control against the forces of physics are required to keep the important packages of highly fragile glass balanced on your bicycle rack to deliver to the other end of the level. If you have the skill; keep all the packages, and then if you have the speed; beat your old time.

20 levels
Customizable bike colour
Full bicycle control
FullHD graphics

Available for Android from Google Play and for Kindle from Amazon.

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