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Juddings Today : learning language easy for kids


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Time Limited Sale $ 1.99-> 0 !!

Learn English in fun and interesting way! Juddings today!
Follow Juddings comical days! Easy English made just for minor children!

- Many themes with play and learn method English word and fraises.
- Play fun and learn listening and talking!
- Many slapstick comedy of Judding which children just love!
- Spend the day with Judding and receive presents! You can decorate Judding’s room with it!
- Lively animated Juddings.
- We promise continuous updates.
- No in-app payment and no advertisement contents.
- Age 3-7

- Features
Soft and fantastic jelly physical engine.
Adorable & emotional artworks and animation.
Educational App for not cramming education but developing children's creativity and sensitivity.
Education Method which makes your children to grow as kids with curiosity and thinking for theirselves.
Educational App which grows children's synesthesia by using images and sounds effectively.
Educational Contents to enjoy by kids, schoolchild, and all ages.
Emotional Artwork and Adorable Animation focused on kids' viewpoint.

Yellephant is a kid's edutainment studio.
We are publishing interaction based play & learning contents for young kids, and app-enabled toys.
We focus on creating extraordinary user experience by innovative ideas and contents with emotional intelligence, personality, relationships, behavior guide for kids.
In our products, you can always find something interesting, something surprising and something amazing.- added "Card Collection"
- update Guide & Icon

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