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Smile it!

AnnTennaAnnTenna / Lokator-studio

Original_smilit2 Original_smilit_a_eng Original_smilit21 Original_smilit1e Original_smilit_e_eng Original_smilit_i_eng


To complete level you need make all smiles happy.


- Touch the smiley to make it happier.
- Don't let any smileys cry.
- If the smiley gets very happy, it never gets sad again.
- If the smiley isn't pressed, it gets sadder the next turn.
- When the star appears, touch it to get it.
- You can also change the smiley's viewing direction. Just swipe it in the desired direction. If a happy smiley looks at the other one, it will share its happiness. But if it doesn't look, the other one will get sadder.

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