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Test your skills against a barrage of text messages from your virtual bffs. Keep each friend happy by letting them know you are paying attention to them. Don't let the texts reach the bottom before answering ,or the game is over!

Your set of friends are easy enough to make happy, until the never ending stream of messages come too fast to appease them.

It starts easy enough. Answer K if your friend is stating a simple fact. If your friend sounds worried or bummed out, text OMG. If your friend is trying to be funny, text back LOL. There is no need to type out your text, each response is ready with a simple tap of your thumb.

After texting back a series of texts that make your friends happy, you are rewarded with a BRB bomb. This text will answer any text, letting them know that hey, be right back. The BRB text also slows down game play to give you a chance to read those incoming texts.

So if you think you have fast fingers, a quick wit, and don't stress under a constant texting, try your thumbs at omg lol.bug fixes

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