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NonogramZ: 1000+ online puzzles

dukselduksel / Duksel Corp.

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NonogramZ - amazing game to solve japanese puzzles (also known as Nonograms, Hanjie, Griddlers). Test your skill in solving puzzle-pictures!

NonogramZ has 300 puzzles inside and more than 1000+ online puzzles (and more, and more...)

- puzzle sizes from 10x10 to 25x25;
- black & white puzzles;
- colored puzzles - up to 5 colors;
- hints - use hints up to 10 times per game;
- rule - try it to count drawing lengths;
- chess style board;
- undo (up to 100 steps).

You can gain experience for each completed level. You can sign in (via email or Facebook) and safe your progress. Also add your friends & challenge with them!

- auto save puzzles;
- reopen last game;
- share result to facebook/twitter.

Try NonogramZ!
It will surprise you & you will like it!

Any suggestions/recommendations you can send to want2say@duksel.comWe make really new game: NonogramZ 2.0
It's faster, more beautiful, more convenient!

Now we have new game mode - "Collections Online". You will gain access to hundreds of puzzles on your server and new puzzles every day! Check it and play with fun!

We are very interested to hear your opinion about the game. Please leave you rating+comment for this game. Also you can write us to

Important: update to NonogramZ ver 2+ will clean all your progress of solved nonograms. So if you don't want to lose states of solved puzzles, then don't need to update. Make it later, when you wish ;-)

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