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Game of Summoner

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Highly addictive RPG game that lets you battle REAL players and endless quests and adventures!

Dark forces are at work, you are a Summoner that has been given the task to explore the land of Antalanzel. With your summoning powers, you can call forth heroes and monsters to fight for you! Summon, train and evolve your party. Only with the strongest allies, will you be able to fight the dark forces that wish to stop you! Fight other players to win honor! Do you have what it takes to become a powerful Summoner? Begin your journey in this prologue to your story!

-Compete against millions players from around the world!
-Combat strategically, you are able to have thousands of hero combinations!
-Promote unique heroes with the extraordinary Hero Promotion System, train your heroes into the masters of fight!
-Abundant equipment to gear up your heroes, equipment combination system brings the most powerful and individual equipment in front of you!
-Collect more than 500 distinct heroes and monsters beautifully portrayed and designed!
-Join Massive Multiplayer Online Activities keep updated to the game!
-Explore every corner of this continent, call and collect the most powerful ancient heroes!1. Bug fixed on Hero promotion.
2. Indications added on offline friends in Community.
3. All equipment from the Hero bing merged will be unequipped and returned after merge.
4. Arena ranking reward will be available to claim in a daily system mail.
5. Fixed equipment star display error.

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