SDKBOX - The Cure for SDK Fatigue

SDKBOX makes it EASY and FREE for Cocos2d-x developers to integrate popular 3rd party SDKs into their games. All SDKBOX plugins are TESTED and CERTIFIED. No matter which version of Cocos2d-x that you are using, C++ or Javascript or Lua, SDKBOX will reduce your integration time from days or weeks down to minutes!


Use SDKBOX from Cocos


First, select the SDKs you need in Cocos using "create a project" or "edit a project". All selected SDKs will be automatically installed in your project.

Next Step

Use SDKBOX Installer

SDKBOX Installer is an optional command line tool for any version of Cocos2d-x projects, including both v2.x and v3.x. It lets you integrate SDK plugins by a single line of command. (Learn more)

Install SDKBOX manually

If you prefer to see exactly which libraries and assets are needed for an integration, you can download the plugin bundle file. A bundle packages everything including SDK libs, instructions, and sample code. You can download the bundle files from the SDKBOX Plugins page.