Cocos Creator

Cocos Creator, a free cross-platform game development editor supporting Cocos2d-js, helps developers build 2D and 3D game scenes, edit game UI and other game resources quickly and efficiency.

Getting Started

  Getting Started




  Hello World

  Quick Start

  Cocos2d-x Guide

  Unity Guide

  Project Structure


The Basics

  Getting Started

  Editor Overview








Asset Workflow

  Getting Started

  Scene Managing





  Audio Asset


Content Workflow

  Getting Started

  Node Component


  Node Tree

  Scene Editing


  Getting Started

  Sliced Sprite


  Widget Align

  Label Layout

  UI Components

  Auto Layout

  List With Data


  Getting Started


  Animation Clip

  Animation Curve

  Sprite Animation

  Time Curve

  Animation Event

  Scripting Animation


  Getting Started













  Getting Started

  Use Component


  Access Node Component

  Life Cycle Callbacks

  Create Destroy


  Internal Events


  Action List


  Execution Order



  Load Assets

  Modular Script

  Third Party Module

  Web Debug Scripts

  JavaScript Primer



  Getting Started

  Publish --> Web

  Cocos Framework

  Publish --> Native

Advanced Topics

  Getting Started

  Build To Lua