Project structure

Using the Dashboard, we can begin by creating a Hello World project. The created project has a specific folder structure. We will learn about the Cocos Creator project in this section.

Project folder structure

After creating and opening a Cocos Creator project for the first time, you will see the following structure is included in the project folder:

ProjectName(project folder)

Next we will introduce the function of each folder.

Resource folder(assets)

‘assets’ - Public folders for project collaborators - assets Project resource files, including all actual elements used to form a project. Such as: - Scenes - Scripts - Sprites - Textures - Audio files - ... Just think of all of them as loaded resources in the Assets Panel of the [Editor](/start/editor-overview) - settings These are global project settings, which are of a project-level and are shared by all project collaborators, such as: - Plug-in settings - Button settings - Physics settings - ... - Private folders used by the current client (and you should ignore them in version control) - library Files in this folder are for resource library management, and will be used by the Editor for library data persistence and resource display. - local Local project settings, which store the user's customized settings, such as the Editor layout. - temp Temporary files created by the Cocos Creator Engine.

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