Installation and Start

If you haven't downloaded and started Cocos Creator already, please start it according to the following steps.

Download Cocos Creator

You can visit the download link on Cocos Creator products homepage to obtain the zip file of Cocos Creator.

Directly decompress it to any location on the HDD after downloading.

Run Cocos Creator

On the Windows operating system, double click the CocosCreator.exe document in the decompressed folder to start Cocos Creator.

On the Mac operating system, double click the decompressed icon to start Cocos Creator.

You can set up quick start, Dock or a shortcut according to your preference for starting up the program, allowing you to run it at any time.

Use Cocos developer account to login

If you don't need to release games on original platforms, the above two simple steps can prepare for you a full developing environment for developing games using Cocos Creator.

After starting Cocos Creator, you will access the login interface for Cocos developer accounts. After logging in, you can enjoy various kinds of online services, product upgrade information and various developer benefits provided for developers.

If you don't have a Cocos developer account, you can use the sign up button in the login interface to sign in to the Cocos developer center, or you can directly use the link below:

After signing up, you can go back to the login interface of Cocos Creator to complete the login! After verifying your identity, you will be able to access the Dashboard interface. In situations other than manual log out or the expiration of login information, the information saved in the local session will be used for auto login.

Continue on to read about Dashboard.