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The latest stable version of cocos2d-x includes: 3D particle system and many bug fixes. Particel effects can be imported from Particle Universe directly into cocos2d-x games.


Announcing `Testin Crash Analytics` a NEW Cocos Service!

Testin provides mobile app developers with comprehensive crash reporting and diagnostics, in real-time, to help developers identify the causes of app crashes and exceptions over time.


COCOS2D-JS V3.5 with 3D and WP8

Two new powerful features are added in Cocos2d-JS version 3.5: 3D modules and the support of Windows Phone 8 & Windows Universal platforms


Geometry Dash:Big Benefits With Small Production

Indie developers and small teams may have more chances to come to the top. With innovative and imaginative play, these innovators bring exceptional gaming experience for players as well as perfectly income. Cocos2d-x game Geometry Dash is a good example.

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